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11/10/2011 / opticalintentions

Group Project for Baseline Exhibition

Myself and three other students were approached by our tutors a few weeks ago to produce a piece for a small exhibition about Baseline magazine. The exhibition is looking at the long-term collaboration of Baseline and my university (University for the Creative Arts) with part of the exhibit focusing on interviews of former UCA students who went to work for Baseline either on placements or on a permenant basis.

My groups job was to map these students in terms of where they are from (as Baseline is highly international), how long they worked for Baseline and their insights into Baseline, collected through the interviews. WE were given a portion of wall to work with.

The above slideshow shows the result. The central blue circle list the names of all 18 interviewees. The red ring depicts the duration of time that each person spent at Baseline, with bright red showing weeks and a darker red reprsenting a number of months or years. In the center was a spatially relative representation of where each former student was from, with larger place names representing higher numbers of originating interviewees. Around this colourful circular form we placed key quotes about Baseline as both a company and an environment. These separate elements were then linked together with yellow thread and pins, adding a slight 3D aesthetic.

This was a great project to work on, with a team that worked well together and an engaging design problem.


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