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16/02/2012 / opticalintentions

3rd Year Minor Project- London 2012 Logo Redesign

Here are my final logo designs for my 3rd Year Minor Project. I wanted to redesign the London 2012 Olympic logos as I felt that the current designs both lacked beauty but were also weighted unevenly so that the Olympic logo had design precedence over the Paralympic variation. Each logo is displayed on a custom backdrop that I created for display purposes.

I feel my logo designs are very successful in what they wanted to achieve. They are equally weighted, distinguished by the accompanying committee logo and the patterning on the hands forms that creates a patterning out of these committee logos. They are both available in five colour pallettes- Cyan, green, magenta, orange and a light grey pallette for use on darker backgrounds. I wanted to create a sense of gradient but achieved this through a three colour logo for better compatibility across different media. The main hand forms of the logos are inspired by the idea that hands are our primary tools, universal and able to carry strong connotations. In this case I have arranged them to represent ideas of elation, clapping and coming together, Olympic ideas that I felt were key.

I created a logo guidelines manual detailing correct use of the logos including examples and these spreads plus my entire project process can be found here.


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