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19/03/2012 / opticalintentions

Business Card Design for a Sound Engineer

Here is a duplex business card I have designed for a multi-faceted audio technician. I have kept it simple and punchy, creating a logo using triangles as an abstracted wave form and creating a patchwork of triangles to continue the theme across the background. I wanted the colours and the simplicity to do all the talking:

23/02/2012 / opticalintentions

Personal Identity

This is my design for my personal logo. It comes in three variations: A main variation in a bright three colour palette that can change in colour as required and greyscale and simple one colour variants.

16/02/2012 / opticalintentions

3rd Year Minor Project- London 2012 Logo Redesign

Here are my final logo designs for my 3rd Year Minor Project. I wanted to redesign the London 2012 Olympic logos as I felt that the current designs both lacked beauty but were also weighted unevenly so that the Olympic logo had design precedence over the Paralympic variation. Each logo is displayed on a custom backdrop that I created for display purposes.

I feel my logo designs are very successful in what they wanted to achieve. They are equally weighted, distinguished by the accompanying committee logo and the patterning on the hands forms that creates a patterning out of these committee logos. They are both available in five colour pallettes- Cyan, green, magenta, orange and a light grey pallette for use on darker backgrounds. I wanted to create a sense of gradient but achieved this through a three colour logo for better compatibility across different media. The main hand forms of the logos are inspired by the idea that hands are our primary tools, universal and able to carry strong connotations. In this case I have arranged them to represent ideas of elation, clapping and coming together, Olympic ideas that I felt were key.

I created a logo guidelines manual detailing correct use of the logos including examples and these spreads plus my entire project process can be found here.

20/01/2012 / opticalintentions

University Project: D&AD concept

As part of my university studies I had to create a design concept for one of the current D&AD student awards briefs. I chose a brief from Ministry of Sound to produce three A2 outdoor posters to advertise three months of their headline club night- ‘Saturday Sessions’.

Ministry of Sound is one of Londons iconic clubs and dance music brands. The nightclub prides itself on being designed around a top of the range sound system and regularly hosts many of the biggest dance acts.

I chose use a 3D Op Art aesthetic for my concept. A great night out is remembered as a blur of colour and sound and Op Art seemed to suit this well. An added bonus was that the 3D effect helped to make the poster literally stand out.

The work displayed above is an example of a ‘complete’ poster and two backgrounds for the other two months. As a concept, the design is not yet fully resolved, but I feel I have made a strong start.

I kept a blog alongside this project, following the process throughout. You can view this here.

13/10/2011 / opticalintentions

Steven Heller References the Baseline Exhibition

As mentioned in my last post I was recently involved in producing a piece for an exhibition about Baseline magazine and its collaboration with my university.

I was excited to discover today that Steven Heller has mentioned the exhibition is his blog on Imprint: Daily Heller. What’s more, our group piece was the only one focused in on in the photos.

View the article here

Daily Heller


In addition to this, the exhibition has also been mentioned on online typography magazine Typetoken, again using our group piece as a key featured image.

View Typetoken article




11/10/2011 / opticalintentions

Group Project for Baseline Exhibition

Myself and three other students were approached by our tutors a few weeks ago to produce a piece for a small exhibition about Baseline magazine. The exhibition is looking at the long-term collaboration of Baseline and my university (University for the Creative Arts) with part of the exhibit focusing on interviews of former UCA students who went to work for Baseline either on placements or on a permenant basis.

My groups job was to map these students in terms of where they are from (as Baseline is highly international), how long they worked for Baseline and their insights into Baseline, collected through the interviews. WE were given a portion of wall to work with.

The above slideshow shows the result. The central blue circle list the names of all 18 interviewees. The red ring depicts the duration of time that each person spent at Baseline, with bright red showing weeks and a darker red reprsenting a number of months or years. In the center was a spatially relative representation of where each former student was from, with larger place names representing higher numbers of originating interviewees. Around this colourful circular form we placed key quotes about Baseline as both a company and an environment. These separate elements were then linked together with yellow thread and pins, adding a slight 3D aesthetic.

This was a great project to work on, with a team that worked well together and an engaging design problem.

30/08/2011 / opticalintentions

Painting with Light: LAPP-PRO

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As one of my favourite photography collaborations, it was only a matter of time before I mentioned my love for the work of LAPP-PRO. Consisting of individual photographers Joerg Miedza and Jan Woellert, Light Art Performance Photography produces images that are, incredibly, each performed in real-time and in one shot.